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Dean Smith and Grace 25P Hollow Spindle Oil Country Lathe

Code: ST3459

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Dean Smith and Grace Type 1910 x 80 Gap Bed Lathe

Code: ST3646

Year: 1983

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Harrison M300 Gap Bed Lathe

Code: ST3622

1000mm between centres

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Harrison M300 Straight Bed Lathe

Code: ST3623

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Colchester Triumph 2000 Gap Bed Lathe

Code: ST3618

50" Between Centres

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Colchester Mascot 1600 MK II Gap Bed Lathe x 40” (1000mm)

Code: ST3466

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Herbert 1445 Combination Turret Lathe

Code: ST2371

Swing over Bed: 1230mm

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Herbert 14/45 Combination Turret Lathe

Code: ST2370

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NEW Myday Heavy Duty Precision Gap Bed Lathe

Code: ST2338

Capacity: 670mm x 1500mm / Taper Turning

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New Colchester and Harrison Lathes


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