Durma VS Variable Rake Guillotine

Code: DUR003

Durma VS Series

The standard features allow the adjustment of a great variety of parameters that influence the cut quality, namely rigidity, rake angle, blade clearance etc. On the CNC-HGM model the blade gap clearance, rake angle, cutting length and backgauge positioning are automatically adjusted after programming the DNC with the data of the plate to be cut.

The deep throat allows for the cutting of sheet plates longer than the blade length. The backgauge has a retract movement for a slight swing during the cut, helping the cut-off strips fall down and therefore preventing the strips becoming jammed between the backgauge and the fixed blade.

Variable Rake

The possibility of changing the rake angle (either increase or reduce) depending on different plate thickness ensures a better cutting performance with minimum strip deformation. The position of the rake angle is set by means of an electronic control, by setting the thickness to be cut, the ram goes automatically into position and chooses the ideal cutting angle.

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