Durma AD - S Series

Code: DURMA002

Durma AD-S Series

The Durma, AD-S Series, CNC Synchro Pressbrake is available in up to eleven axis configurations. It is a machine truly designed to decrease setup time. The powerful, yet simple, control will automatically calculate the bend sequence, bend angle, back gauge retraction, bend allowance and features collision protection. The ram positioning system allows real time monitoring and complete control of all ram speeds, positions and pause times.

Imagine when handling large sheets, the operator can actually program the pressing speed down to a point where whip up and part dishing are virtually eliminated. Once the bend target has been reached, a short and slow speed return point can be programmed; giving the operator a better way of handling the sheet after the bend is made. Programmable ram tilts, which are useful in conical or fadeout work, are also a feature of this machine. The automatic calibration and +-0.01mm positioning accuracy make S a great partner for the production of precision components, both large and small.

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