Durma AD-R Series

Code: DURMA001

Durma AD-R Series

The Durma, R Series, Synchro Hydraulic Pressbrake has material handling total ram control which allows the operator to program very slow pressing and return speeds when handling large sheets. This greatly improves handling the sheet as it is being pushed into the lower die to create the bend. By slowing the pressing speed down to a 'creep' you can virtually eliminate conventional sheet 'whip up'. This whipping effect can make it very difficult for the operator to handle the part.

Another advantage is you can program the ram to go up very slowly for a short distance, then stop and pause while the operator has a chance to take the sheet back under his control, instead of the ram simply releasing at the bottom and immediately returning to the top releasing the sheet so quickly it is difficult for the operator to handle.

This not only greatly improves material handling but can increase part quality by virtually eliminating 'dishing or bowling' around the bend area. It is also possible to program a delay or pause at the bottom which is useful in setting a bend in stainless or other exotic materials. 

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