Colchester Student

Code: COL005

Height of Centres: 167mm
Bed Length Between Centre: 635 / 1000mm
Swing over Bed: 330mm
Swing in Gap: 480mm
Swing over Cross Slide: 210mm
Spindle Bore: 40mm
Spindle Nose mounting: D1-4 Camlock
Morse Taper in Nose Bush: No. 3 MT
Number of speed ranges: 12
Range: 40 - 2500 rpm
Motor: 2.2 kw
Number of metric pitches: 45
Range of metric pitches: 0.2 to 14mm
Number of Imperial Pitches: 52
Range of imperial pitches: 2 to 56 TPI
Number of Diametral Pitches: 18
Range of Diametral Pitches: 8 to 56 DP
Number of Module pitches: 18
Range of Module pitches: 0.3 to 3.5 MOD
Width of Bedways: 140mm
Travel of Cross Slide: 190mm
Travel of Top Slide: 92mm
Tailstock Travel: 110mm
Taper in Tailstock Barrel: No. 3 MT

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