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AIDA 200 Ton Power Press

Code: ST3689

AIDA 200 Ton Power Press


Type:                                                                     NC2-200-2

Year:                                                                      1999


Capacity:                                                              200 Ton

Nominal Force Travel:                                     6mm

Slide Stroke:                                                       250mm

Strokes per minute:                                        25 – 45 SPM

Die Height:                                                          450mm

Slide Adjustment (motorised):                    110mm

Bolster Area:                                                      1390 x 850mm

Slide Area:                                                           880 x 650mm


Main Motor:                                                       15 kw

Air Pressure:                                                       5.0 kgf / cm2


Total Weight:                                                      23,000 kg

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