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MistMaster Air Purification System



The MistMaster is easily fitted to all CNC Machines.

HSE generally recommends using LEV on all CNC machine tools as the most effective way of controlling contaminated air at source. Protect your workforce from exposure to potentially harmful airborne oil mist particles. The MistMaster filtration units run between 0.8-1.6 amps, around 4 times less than any other leading UK manufacturers, resulting in the ability to run FOUR MistMaster units for the same cost as one unit supplied from other leading manufacturers.

Why the MistMaster?
• Coolant refine & return system
• FREE easy-to-install kit
• LED or pressure gauge warning system
• Double washable stainless-steel pre-filters
• Powerful centrifugal drum
• 5-stage filtration system as standard
• Low running costs, 240v supply (standard plug)
• Technical assistance & after-sales service

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